Barn Quilt Photos
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"Starry Path"
Schramm Corncrib
2810 West Main, Sac City

"Dove at the Windows"
Dowling Barn
903 South 5th St., Sac City

"Hen & Chickens" 
Kreft Barn 
2755 Rolf Ave, Sac City

"State Fair"
Berry Barn
3121 280th St., Sac City

"North Star"
Wassom Barn
2720 Union Ave., Sac City

"Crow's Nest"
Galbraith Barn
3191 255th St., Sac City

"Harvest Star"
Peyton Corncrib
3461 255th St., Sac City

"Rock Star"
Scherle Barn
2761 Zeller Ave., Lytton

"Flock of Geese"
Nehman Barn
2855 Zeller Ave., Lytton

"Birds in a Square"
Arndt Barn
3473 300th St., Sac City