Barn Quilt Photos
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"Farm Friendliness"
Schwarzkopf Barn
3720 Perkins Ave., Wall Lake

"Corn and Beans"
Paysen Barn
2678 370th St., Wall Lake

"Calico Star"
Kropf Barn
3854 Needham Ave., Wall Lake

"Turnabout T"
Wilhoite Barn
3965 Needham Ave., Wall Lake

"Hole in the Barn Door"
Stickrod Corncrib
2429 360th St., Wall Lake

"Windblown Star"
Grote Barn
2077 360th St., Wall Lake

"Rising Sun"
Ekstrom Barn
1870 360th St., Odebolt

"Wild Goose Chase"
Schwaller Barn
3243 Esther Ave., Odebolt

"Pig's Tail"
Raasch Corncrib
1770 330th St., Odebolt